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Shipping and Delivery

Most delivery times on Altus products will range from 1-4 weeks on average, excluding processing time, which is 1-5 business days. It is unlikely, but due to common mishaps, your products could be delayed 4-8 weeks, (Rare). It is awesome to see products coming from all around the world, but that being said, it is crucial that you stay patient in receiving your order.  In the rare case that you do not receive your product within 90 days, we will fully refund your cost.

Orders of 3 items or more will receive a faster shipping rate at no extra charge to you.   

Because we work with other Brands and Distributors, we are require to follow a very strict security and fraud prevention system. If you receive a 1-3 day delay on your order, it may be due to the fact that our system detects a fraudulent transaction.

Tracking Numbers, Altus will get tracking numbers associated with your orders when they are available.  If it does not show your tracking number, you may have to wait a day or two for the number to update.

Customs fees, depending on the laws of your country. In the most cases, you are not required to pay any customs fees. We mark all our orders as low-value gifts. Furthermore, we send larger orders in separate packages to avoid such charges.

If you have any questions, please email us at,

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